Canadian Punk Band BAD SKIN Join Forces With Korea’s RUMKICKS On New Single

What an amazing thing to wake up to today folks…Canadian punk band BAD SKIN have launched a brand new single ‘We Are the Girls’ with South Korea’s RUMKICKS.

Bad Skin were kind enough to send in the following info:

“We Are the Girls” is all about feminism, solidarity and loyalty. We wanted to make a strong anthem for women, like these anthems that inspired us when we were younger. We were highly influenced by iconic punk songs like Rebel Girl (Bikini Kill), Land (Patti Smith), Pretend We’re Dead (L7), Just a Girl (No Doubt), Bad Reputation (Joan Jett), etc. We wanted to create something similar to what led us to become the women we are today, and then lead a girl punk band. We wanted to create our own ode to women, for the girls we meet at our shows, and that listen to our songs, in a modern way. We wanted it to be catchy, we made this song for one main purpose: to be blasted and sang out loud. We are all strong women, with strong personalities, from different backgrounds and realities, and we wanted this song to be accessible, for everyone who doesn’t fit the mold put in place by the straight white male.”

“When we wrote the song, we knew we wanted Rumkicks, from South Korea, to feature on it. We are big fans of their work, of their music, of their stance, of what they have been through as an all-women punk band, and especially, we relate with their attitude towards it all. Musically, Yaewon Jeong (lead singer and guitarist) has this particular voice, an amazing fit with Dope’s voice. From the get-go, Dope wanted this duo to be with Yaewon. They both have this radiant energy and intensity in their voice that’s very similar, and it made for this awesome vocal combination. We were very excited that they decided to join us in this crazy project with so much enthusiasm. We discussed our concept with them, and as we shared the same values and vision, we found a way to make this work, even a world apart. And we wouldn’t have done it any other way. It really shows the power of womanhood.”

“The UK has always been one of our favorite audiences. We relate so much with the English punk scene and overall rich musical culture. We knew that this year we wanted to make something special out of our trip. We had reached out to Rumkicks to feature on the song, and we knew we would have this unique opportunity to meet them in person at the Rebellion festival. Both bands were looking forward to meet, after this insane collaboration, and made it happen in more than one way. We first met the girls between two shows, and it was an instant click. We had been chatting with them over the last year and it was such a joy to be able to see each other face to face. We made this plan with Rumkicks for them to join us on stage to play our collab, and also found a few spots in our busy schedules to be able to film clips for the video. Our friend Steve, from Indigo Bravo Production, who is also our tour manager when we’re in the UK, used this small early 2000’s camera, that we snuck into the festival, to film some iconic moments from the show. We also filmed clips of all of us in different locations around Blackpool. We did this very publicly, stopping to snap pictures with people a few times. We walked, laughed, blasted our song and sang out loud around iconic locations and gathered the best images to be able to make this montage. It was all very fun, amateur and spontaneous. Like punk often is. I think most of all this experience has showed us that punks, from all over the world, and especially punk women, share this energy that crosses borders, languages, and cultural cues. We all relate to this song and what we want it to represent, in our own ways.” is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!