Guitarist Matt Huang Stuck in China Shares Emotional Letter

In a world plagued with all sorts of xenophobia not just towards Chinese, but anyone Asian, sometimes it’s important to remember to treat other’s ordeals with compassion.

Our good friend Matt Huang is originally from Guangzhou but has been attending university for the past couple of years in Taiwan. He went home to Guangzhou to celebrate the Lunar New Year with his family about the time the virus hit and since Taiwan had banned people from the Mainland to travel to Taiwan – he’s been stuck there.

He penned this emotional letter (originally in Chinese of course) to his friends and we asked for his permission to reprint it here because of the emotionality and sentiment behind it. We know many of our friends in China may have a similar sense of hopelessness and by printing this, hopefully, they find some solace that they’re not in this alone.

Please read it…and think about how many thousands of others are stuck in similar situations around the world.


Hi all.

A new semester begins tomorrow, but I’m still not sure when I can go back. I’ve applied for a six-week late registration, hoping to arrive before April 10. Why am I so eager to return? Maybe because there are so many things to do and I don’t wanna let go.

It’s been a bad winter vacation. I kept following live news about the Coronavirus, looking out the window, waiting for the news about returning to school. The first thing after I wake up every day is to check my inbox to see if there’s any update. No, there isn’t. Just more disappointment every single day. Fortunately, I’m not infected with Coronavirus. However, it affects me mentally. Feeling anxious, losing hope. Nothing makes me happy and there’s nothing I want to do.

The situation here seems to be getting better recently. Families and friends are going out for work. Life seems back on track. But this is not enough for me to be able to go back to school. I fully understand why the Taiwan authorities have banned us. Numbers don’t always represent the real situation. It’s good for everyone to stay cautious because as I type this the Coronavirus is spreading in Japan, South Korea, and many other countries.

Division of Curriculum told me there’s no other way for interschool course selection. The process is so complicated that it’s impossible to successfully apply for that course in NCTU (National Chiao Tung University) while I’m not there. That course is important for me because the teacher is my choice of thesis tutor. I’ll figure it out once I’m back. Apply for underload application, take the course next year or something else…

I’m supposed to perform 2 shows in March with my brothers Defeat The Giant, as their support guitarist. They’re awesome dudes, who keep playing hardcore music when few others do and are always contributing to the hardcore scene in Taiwan. I have always enjoyed helping them out because I’ve been a fan of there’s both on and off stage.

BABYMETAL will perform in Taipei this April. I haven’t seen them before and have been looking forward to seeing them for many years though I’m probably going to miss their show this time. The ticket is still in my drawer in my dorm in Taiwan. I don’t have roommates so there’s no way to take it out and sell it If I can’t get back in time.

NTHU (National Tsing Hua University) Echo Music Festival will be held in April, on campus. They’ve been working on it for months to make it happen. This will be our own event after the pause of CTTH Music Festival last year. I really want to be on stage with them and also see those bands from Echo Club performing. Though I’m still not sure if I can go back in April.

I always look forward to Heartown Rockfest in Taichung in May. There are so many bands and friends I wanna see. Playing with them would be a lot of fun. If I can’t be there, my Taiwanese band MenliveN will play without me. I haven’t seen my friends Yanchi from Justice For Reason and Yul from End These Days in a long time. Imagine how long we’d chat if us three crazy music nerds get together. I hope both of them remain healthy in Japan and South Korea.

Then what about the summer? Maybe later. I need to wait and see how it goes before I make further decisions.

And my guitar is also still in my dorm getting rusty as hell without being played or being taken care of for months.

I wrote a few new songs a few days ago, during my tough times. They will always remind me of these days when I listen back years from now.

I’m not someone that talks a lot usually, but I’ve written this much. How ridiculous.

Hope everyone stays healthy and safe.
Miss you all.

Matt Huang
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