Emo Band Chinese Football Release Third Album ‘Win & Lose’ [China]

China-based emo band Chinese Football have released their third full-length ‘Win & Lose’. Xu Bo, vocalist and main man behind the band, released the following text in regard to the album:

“Three years have passed, and I still haven’t been able to become a powerful man. Chinese Football also failed to be famous.

Once the game starts, it is destined to have an ending.
Win or Lose.

Everyone wants to be a winner and reward the time they pay with the joy of winning. Day after day, I have begun to accept myself as a loser and the fact that some dreams are doomed to fail. Learned to comfort me: What you have is the process, at least you tried, the harvest is elsewhere, and you have already won the battle with yourself. Then congratulate yourself for being sane. I am not lost in vanity after competing with others, nor obsessed with the emotion after competing with myself.

It’s just that I still have dreams sometimes, and in one of my dreams, I have not yet reached the final outcome. In a certain ending, I ended up being a powerful man and Chinese Football became a Chinese rock legend.”

‘Win & Lose’ completes the band’s game-themed trilogy after the previous releases ‘Here Comes a new Challenger’ and ‘Continue?”.


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