HNY 2023! First Post – Hong Kong Alt Rock Giants Seasons for Change Surprise New Single

What up everyone! Welcome to 2023! For the past 2 weeks, we’ve been posting from the beautiful, glorious, amazing, DIVERSE city of London…we have 2 days left in this city and are devasted to be leaving.

For many around the world, 2022 was rough…many people we know (including ourselves) 2022 was the year we had to seek out help for our mental health (not one bit embarrassed to admit it – if you are hurting GO GET HELP). So 2022 was hard, to say the least, but we’re hoping that the way 2022 ended (being so inspired being in London), could signal some hopeful changes and mindset in 2023. Who knows…

What we do know is that 2023, for the time being, has started off on an amazing note. Currently in London, the skies are BLUE and immaculate…AND to make it even better, one of our favorite bands from Hong Kong, Seasons for Change, have dropped a brand new single entitled ‘Cherry Blossom’.

The band states, “‘Cherry Blossom’ is a song inspired by the enduring metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life. They are seasonal flowers that can bring forth a feeling of bittersweet nostalgia every year.” The song is part of 6 recorded tracks the band has in store for the rest of the year which could materialize into either a new EP or possibly a full-length, according to their drummer and overall sweet-as-hell dude Kulo Ming.

Go listen to it and welcome in 2023 with hope and promise.

All we can say to you (because we hope you will make the same wish for us), whatever your dream and hope is for 2023 we, from the bottom of our hearts, hope it comes true for you this year. We all deserve happiness after the hell of the past few years.


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