“Death to False Powerviolence” Screams DIRE NEED – Release MV [Australia/Philippines]

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, and featuring a member of the Philippines punk rock scene, Dustin, DIRE NEED has gained a reputation for merging breakneck Powerviolence, grooving Hardcore and soul-purging lyrics into an assault that stands out amongst their peers in the scene.

The band has released a music video for the title track off their sophomore album ‘Pure Hatred’. “It’s about the exhaustion point… Being exhausted about once again having to go through a trauma point and explain to people why it’s traumatic, indecent, and not on. Pure Hatred is about hatred for indifference. Whether that be class, race, social or geographic factors. We’re all doing our best in this life, and re-hashing problems we’ve gone thru sets us all back.”

And the band wants to state unequivocally “Death to False Powerviolence”.


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