Powerviolence/Hardcore Band RECT Drop Banger New EP To Start 2024 Strong [Malaysia]

WHAT THE F??????? Malaysian powerviolence band RECT have just annihilated all hearing in our ears with this full on, no holds barred aural assault. This brand new EP, aptly entitled ‘Blitzkrieg’ as it came out of complete nowhere, is 5 songs of such ferocity that you won’t hear yourself breathe until the whole record ends. The band states, “A sonic onslaught that mirrors its military namesake, this EP unleashes a relentless barrage of fast-paced, surprising tunes. With a calculated ferocity, it serves as a musical manifesto, urging listeners to confront societal issues with power and determination, dismantling structures of superiority and inequality.”

YOOOOOOOO…fellow Asian bands, if you’re releasing music and live in the world of heavy music, make sure it at least matches this. Everyone and their mother can release music nowadays, make sure whatever you’re releasing is actually worth releasing! Go listen to how high the bar is set and match that shit or better yet, try and surpass it.


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