Asian Post Hardcore Greats – Legarda – Drop Emotional New Track During Emotional Times

Our friends in Philippines based post-hardcore band Legarda don’t mess around…we don’t think they half-ass anything. Any music they put out is of the utmost quality in terms of sound, production, and most DEFINITELY emotion. The band always pulls on your heartstrings with the way their songs are crafted, the careful thought placed in the chords and notes used, the subtle ways the play with loud and soft tones…and then to top all that off with spoken word/screamed vocals.

It would be hard to find a band other than Legarda that is able to capture the emotions of the world right now. As we type this the Philippines is being hit hard with the Coronavirus with over 1000 cases and 68 deaths not to mention bureaucratic mismanagement at the political level that is putting an entire country of people (especially frontline health workers) at grave risk.

Go read their words, go listen to their music…if you’re the praying type, keep the people of the Philippines and in other parts of the world suffering under horrible leadership and inept governments in your thoughts.

Thank you Legarda.


“Hello everyone,

We hope you guys are all doing well during these strange times. We rarely get to perform live and we were supposed to support a benefit gig at the eve of the quarantine, but for everyone’s safety, it had to be canceled.

Hard times abound, and we all have our fears and anxieties on the state of the world today, The future is uncertain but we must weather through this. Despite everything, there are amazing people out there doing their darned best to help others. Countless individuals fighting through the shitstorm that 2020 has handed us. You people are beautiful.

Let’s lookout for one another. Be vigilant. Be caring. Be aware. Be giving.

For everyone out there who’s having a hard time emotionally, mentally, or physically, find what matters to you and your heart. Be it family, friends, loved ones, music, drawing, writing, dancing, cooking, and so forth. It could be a small thing, a memory, a line, a good deed, an idea. Hold on to that. We are all fighting for something meaningful.

This will be your sword, Let this be your armor.

Hang in there.
Much love.
Gerald, Ebong, Sharen, and Keith.”

If you are having a hard time through this, please check out this link for tips on your mental wellbeing:

The band has also kindly told us – there are more new tracks coming this year…can’t WAIT! is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!