Volume 1 of Philippines Shoegaze/Dream Pop Compilation Up Now! WOW!

Alunig (trans. “resonance”) is Volume 1 of a two-part compilation of Filipino shoegaze and dream pop. With a historical slant, this collection begins sometime in the early 1990’s and will somehow present the influence of the late ‘80’s/ early ‘90’s UK scene on the local under-the-radar subculture and how it resonated with the bands that arose from the famed No Zone and Awakening scenes in Metro Manila. There are obvious omissions (Choking Brownies, Shoemart, Blinded By Love, Moscow Olympics, among many others) and it’s unavoidable unfortunately due to a lot of reasons. We do hope this compilation will give listeners an idea of how shoegaze and dream pop-influenced the Philippines music scene from the early/ mid ‘90’s to the turn-of-the-millennium Buzz Night fuzzheads down to the current crop of Furiosa noisemakers.

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