Vocalist of HK Metal Band Kyanos Release Limited Edition ‘Fuck Human’ T-Shirt

The vocalist of Hong Kong metal band Kyanos comes in a tiny small package – but the rage and passion insider her is MONSTROUS. Anyone who has been blessed to see Wai stomp on stage like a lion ready to rip your fucking head off while screaming the lowest of lows to the high-pitch throat-shredding black metal screams, can assure you – she is the real deal.

As if to further prove to you that the world does indeed piss her off, she has just released a limited edition ‘Fuck Human’ T-shirt:

We had to ask her about the design and especially those two powerful words!

What was the inspiration for those words?
The main idea is pretty much that as a species we suck. The idea came about from going to work and how almost daily on my way to work I have to deal with fucking idiots who keep annoying me. So I just wanted to release a t-shirt to express how I feel about everyone and the human race.

Why’d you choose to use this font?
It’s not a font! I hand wrote this. I love death metal typography but also, because this writing style captures that anger. And, it just looks fucking cool.

And then you scanned it and brought it into the computer for touch-ups, right?
Nope. I sent it directly to the printers.


So there you go folks – she is accepting orders worldwide – just hit her up at the following: [email protected]

Photo Credit: Wesley

* Wai sings in a band called Kyanos who you can check out here: https://www.facebook.com/kyanoshkofficial/



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