Freshtown Records Droppin’ The Fresh Heat – Malaysian Beatdown Act Esclave Fullset Vid Up

Malaysian label Freshtown Records keep the weekly Friday heat coming…they just dropped a fullset live video for Malaysian beatdown act Esclave. The band performs like they’re performing in front of 100,000 people – that’s the way all bands should rock any show. Great sound, great editing as always as well.

We asked our dudes in Freshtown Records what the inspiration was for doing this series of weekly online shows:

“The reason why we started doing this is that during this pandemic people can’t go check out live shows so we decided to start doing weekly live streaming. There are already a LOT of awesome labels in Malaysia who are doing these live webstream shows such as Angkasa and Kamar Seni, but most of these labels cater to indie/mainstream bands. What we wanted to do was was do it for our hardcore/metal/punk bands so that everyone around Southeast Asia (or the world for that matter) can also check ’em out.”

Freshtown says they still have 2 more sessions coming up and then will start working on the second season. You should ALL be subscribing to their channel. Click right HERE.

Go give mad love to Esclave as well here:

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