US-Based Pinoy Hardcore/Punk Label Aklasan Records Drop Two New Releases

Aklasan Records, the only Filipino American punk and hardcore label in the U.S.. has released two Filipino American punk/post-punk tapes.

Sa Lansangan – solo project from AJ (Namatay Sa Ingay and Material Support) that can only be described as spooky, danceable punk in Tagalog and English. Silver tapes with red lettering.

Hafner / Edomites split – Hafner (San Francisco) contribute 4 not-so-obvious politically centered post-punk songs about anti-racism, gentrification, and land grabbing while Edomites (Oakland) reply with driving noise inspired free jazz with each song being titled FUCK ICE. Goldenrod tapes with red lettering.

FFO: Melvins, Genercaion Suicida, WUDS and weird stuff.

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