Toxic Death Records Re-Release Killer EP By Little Known Hong Kong Act Aortic Regurgitation

Goddamn! China-based thrash metal label Toxic Death Records are one of our favorites especially because of their commitment to the genre that means the most to them. But also because they unearth some killer thrash metal from all over Asia. Recently, the owner hit us up about a brand new release they were putting out.

Toxic Death Records: “Hey man, we’ve just re-released Hong Kong thrash metal act Aortic Regurgitation‘s debut EP!”
Us: “Who?”
Toxic Death Records: “It’s basically a project by two people from Hong Kong who released a 5 track EP back in 2010. They didn’t play any shows.”
Us: “Oh! Let me hear it!”

YO WHAT?! There are some killer riffs on this more of a lo-fi approach to a straight-up in-your-face thrash metal release. (We come from the world of hardcore so lower production actually sounds MUCH better to us.) So surprised that we didn’t hear about it when it came out back in 2010! Thankfully, Toxic Death Records knows what’s up and realized this needed to be re-released so the world had the pleasure of listening to this.

Check out the full write up from the mastermind behind the project, Charles Wong:

“Cynthia and I wrote this EP somewhere between 2008-09 and recorded it in 2009. I remember everything feeling very spontaneous and natural. We were both very young at the time and inspired by the energy of bands such as Legion of the Damned, Kreator, Slayer, and Celtic Frost. I also remember looking up to local (Hong Kong) bands such as Hermetic Silence, Evocation, Thornslaughter and Discombobulation.

All songs except Alien Worlds were written/jammed, demoed, and recorded together in Cynthia’s bedroom through her Line 6 interface. Cynthia lived just down the road from me which was very handy! All bass was done at mine, which is where the EP was also mixed. I knew nothing about mixing during the time and the fact that I was mixing through an iPod dock speaker did not help!

This EP has been carefully remastered to preserve the raw quality of the original release while correcting some huge sonic deficiencies and glitches. I think it finally sounds okay. I hope listening to this today is as fun an experience as it was for us making it.”

The EP is being released both on cassette and CD formats by Toxic Death Records. You should be listening TO ALL the releases on this label. SO GOOD. is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!