Tower Sessions Drops New Valley of Chrome Live Video [Philippines]

Check out this massive live video released as part of Tower Of Doom‘s Tower Sessions for the band Valley of Chrome who are basically tearing it up WORLD-FUCKING-WIDE! From all of the Philippines to Singapore to the US and about to head out to Europe as well…RESPECT.

From Tower of Doom themselves:

“We’re keeping the Week of Chrome going strong with another BRAND NEW live performance from Valley of Chrome! This time around, the band revisited their album “Never the Lifeless” and chose their very first Tagalog song “Dasal (Sa Gitna Ng Panganib)” to end their Tower Sessions Presents series! As expected, the band absolutely crushed the performance, so watch below and share away!

Just yesterday we dropped the band’s TSP episode that featured them performing “When Everything Turns to Dust” and now longtime fans of the band get to enjoy another classic performed live! For those who don’t know, “Dasal” was the band’s very first Tagalog song, and all of us here at Tower of Doom were so blown away by Rogel’s writing that Eric (Tower of Doom’s big boss) asked Rogel to try writing more songs in Filipino, and we haven’t looked back since. Since then, the band has released two full-length albums with almost everything being written in Tagalog (the sole exceptions being the Japanese versions of Markang Bungo and Balang Araw, as well as the English title track for Victorious).

We have one more special surprise for all of you Vikings out there tomorrow, so be sure to tune in and stay tuned for one more special VoC-related release to celebrate their upcoming Wacken gig! Wait, you didn’t know they were going to be playing at the world’s biggest metal festival?”

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