Time to act folks! Total Chaos are stuck in Jakarta and need money to get back to the US!

total chaos

Hopefully you’ve been following the unfortunate circumstances that Total Chaos have found themselves in. If you have no idea what we’re talking about then read this post from earlier today: http://uniteasia.org/total-chaos-gets-ripped-off-by-piece-of-crap-promoter/ A Malaysian promoter ripped off Total Chaos and the boys are now in Jakarta being wholeheartedly taken care of by Indonesian punk rockers making sure these guys know they’re not alone.

It turns out some very resourceful and passionate Asian punks were able to find Rob Chaos’ paypal address! You know what that means! Crack open those wallets and start donating some money so these guys can buy flights to get back home to the US.

This is the address to send money to through paypal: [email protected]

Since they got fucked by one piece of crap in Asia, we need to show them that not ALL Asian promoters, punks and hardcore kids are out for themselves and the “fame” that comes from pretending to be a “promoter” (What fame?! It’s hard as fuck and an incredibly thankless job being a promoter! And YOU actually ripped off touring bands? You are the definition of “piece of shit”.). The massive majority of us all have our hearts set in the right place and strive for immense professionalism and respect.

Donate what you can! If you can’t donate, then at least help spread the word!

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