If There’s Any Record We Encourage You To Purchase It’s This – Myanmar’s The Rebel Riot

Myanmar has gone through so much this past year…one band has been on the streets living through this nightmare continuing to take the ethics and lyrical content of punk rock and acting upon them. That band is The Rebel Riot who have quickly moved from just being a punk rock “band” to an actual communal movement. There is so much we could write about them (and have in the past), but today we just want to encourage all of you to consider buying the band’s upcoming debut album ‘One Day’ that will be released on CD format by Kids Union Records. You can pre-order the record at THIS location and the label has stated clearly that if you’re ordering from within China – they will have it shipped from factories within the country, if you’re ordering from OUTSIDE of China then the records will all be shipped from the US.

The Rebel Riot has released a little promo of the album which you can watch below – comes complete with English subtitles.

Go support The Rebel Riot – the band has stated that any and all proceeds from the sales of this CD will be donated to those in need. That’s how much they LIVE what they scream.


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