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Dear readers,

We’re already in on our third day of the new year and the posts haven’t stopped. This website has been a labor of love for our Asian music community. What started in April of 2015 was just an urgent sense I had of wanting to put together a site where Asian bands, labels, promoters could send in information about their events, bands, releases, etc., so that people like me, who have a genuine thirst for Asian musical news, can read about all these great things that are going on!

Man…it’s been a really fun few months running this site and I especially love the reaction that people all over the world have given and continue to give it. We in no way are any sort of professionally run site (as if you couldn’t tell! hahaha) and we do not have a “team” of people behind what you see here. What you see in the photo above is basically what happens on a daily basis in order to get your posts up. I have a full time job as a classroom teacher and once I’m off work I spend hours searching through various social media, websites, etc to uncover news about Asian bands to get the word out.

But I want to state clearly, there is NO way this site could’ve been as beneficial as it seems to be WITHOUT so many people, bands and labels sending in information/news EVERY DAY simply by clicking SUBMIT NEWS. It’s been that easy to get the word out about your projects…

The site has been updated every SINGLE day since we started in April of 2015. That’s how much news has come through…am I surprised? Fuck no! This is a massive continent with billions of things going on everywhere. What has been surprising is that people seem to not be aware that this site gets updated every day and so bands may send in a music video, or a label might send information about a band, that we ALREADY posted! Hahahahaha…but since the news post is already buried under newer posts it will no longer be up on the front page. Just use the “search” function on the front page to see if your band already has news up!

Anyway…with this post I really wanted to sincerely thank all of you readers, all of the bands, all of the labels, all of the passionate supporters of your scenes throughout Asia, who have been supporting this website and continue to let people know about

Thank you SO much!

Enjoy some interesting statistics of the website from the day we started in April til the last day of 2015 down below.

Let’s make 2016 huge for Asia!

King Ly Chee ???

Top 10 countries for the period of April 1 to December 31, 2015:

Top 10 cities for the period April 1 to December 31, 2015:

Gender breakdown:
Really proud that the male/female breakdown of readership is almost equal!!! RAD!

Top 10 posts for the period April 1 to December 31, 2015:

Here are the direct links to the top 10 most viewed articles on that you seen in the screen capture above:



*By the way – we got a LOT of hate for this post from butthurt Limp Bizkit fans! This one was my favorite because of the strange jump to racist language. Sorry to break the news to this fool – I’m Pakistani. hahahaha:









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