TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT: Sick of it All Asian Tour 2015!!!



At what length does one go into introducing a band like Sick of it All that has influenced and inspired a legion of bands throughout the world? A band that is approaching 30 years of unrelenting drive and passion for what they do and what they do BEST. A band that has never sat back on their laurels, constantly moving forward releasing record after record stacked full of hardcore anthems (Last Act of Defiance is a STELLAR release) and touring continuously. And have you SEEN their live show?

So let’s not even try…

We are honored to announce Sick of it All’s third Asian tour that will take place this year from September 25 to October 4. This run includes places they are eager to return to (Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Hong Kong), but also includes their first venture into greater China performing for the first time ever in Shanghai and Beijing.

In response to the announcement for this tour, Armand had the following to say:

“We’re really excited to be heading back to Asia. We can’t wait to play for some of the best hardcore crowds we’ve seen in the world, as well as take in all the culture and experiences that are unique to the area. Sharing it all with Asia’s finest – King Ly Chee – will be awesome. We don’t get to be tourists much anymore, having done all that already in the places we normally play, but going to China for the first time will be groundbreaking for us. Defying the odds, somehow we’re still opening new chapters in our career. Thanks to our worldwide audience for making it all possible.”

That’s right – you read that correctly. Direct support on all of these dates is none other then our Asian hardcore representatives – King Ly Chee from Hong Kong. King Ly Chee just wrapped up a gruelling tour taking them through Singapore, Medan, Dumai, Malacca, Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Cebu, Manila, and Cagayan De Oro. They should be sitting back and relaxing, instead they announce this tour, one that they surely will NEVER forget.


Riz, singer of King Ly Chee, had the following to say:

“This is one of those times I will be able to tell my young daughter that it is okay to dream as big and as insane as your heart desires. However ridiculous that dream may be, don’t stop dreaming. Go all out. A little band from Hong Kong is going on tour with THE band that taught them everything about hardcore – how is that even possible? We can’t wait to sit back night after night with everyone and watch the legends show Asia how it’s done! What an incredible honor for us…and to be able to listen to Craig ramble on and on about all his insane theories of the world is something we greatly look forward to as well!”

As mentioned above, Sick of it All comes to Asia hot off the release of their latest record Last Act of Defiance which includes new crowd favorites Road Less Traveled and Get Bronx (Personally, we hope they’re also adding Never Back Down into the setlist! That song slays!). If you haven’t heard these tracks check out the music videos below:

King Ly Chee also released a brand new album entitled CNHC which features Lou Koller on the song Lost in a World whose music video you can watch below:

We hope you all are as excited as we are for Sept/Oct! As we get more information for the individual shows we will SURELY let you all know! For now, spread the word!


Sept 25 – Singapore
Sept 26 – Jakarta
Sept 27 – Kuala Lumpur
Sept 29 – Bangkok
Oct 1 – Shanghai
Oct 2 – Beijing
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