The Caulfield Cult from Singapore kick up a storm about some band called BMTH

The Caulfield Cult

Indie rock band The Caulfield Cult, a stellar band by the way, from Singapore has recently found out that some little tiny insignificant band called Bring Me The Horizon has unveiled an incredibly similar logo (you can see their version below). Nick, singer of The Caulfield Cult, has launched HARD on both his instagram and twitter a call to action by his supporters to kick up a stink about this strange coincidence as you can see in the screenshot of his instagram account above, and then in his twitter account below:

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 11.52.22 am


The said logo in question that BMTH are using is the following up on both their cover photo and profile photo of their FB page:

The Caulfield Cult


What are your thoughts? I have no idea what to say. I’ve never liked the band BMTH to begin with but without knowing how that band came about creating this design it’s hard to say if anything was indeed stolen or was it just some crazy coincidence that both The Caulfield Cult and Bring Me the Horizon created similar logos years apart…

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