It’s Here! Thai Post Hardcore Giants BrandNew Sunset Drop Brand New Album ‘The Machiner’

As soon as you hit play and get hit with a barrage of fuzzed-out goodness – you know you’re in for something earth-shattering. Thai post-hardcore great BrandNew Sunset are not new to the game, in fact, this is the band’s SIXTH full-length, thus nothing they release should ever be slept on. This is even more so on this album. There are so many beautiful levels of work the band did on the actual CRAFT of music. The tones and the production itself should be studied carefully – everything sounds MASSIVE. Then the vocals?!?!? Goddamn…where do you even start on the expertise in the vocals department??? But then the songs themselves…completely unpredictable…you never know where the band is going to go next, and every portion of the album serves you little gifts upon gifts.

This is just fucking good.

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