Owner of Jogja Noise Bombing Requires Urgent Financial Help For Tumor Surgery [Indonesia]

This is what hardcore and punk rock is and should always be about. When someone from our community needs help, the whole world should come together.

Today we found that the owner of Jogja Noise Bombing, Relamati Records, YK Booking, and SO MUCH else, Indra Menus, is in dire need of funds to help with urgent surgery. Please read his own words below and if you can donate money look at how you can do that further below:

“Dear friends,

Some of you might know that I was supposed to undergo surgical removal of a tumor in my left-hand last year. Unfortunately, the state-sponsored- health insurance denied this due to misadministration.

I have to re-do the whole process but due to a forthcoming tour, and because I thought I could handle it, I decided to postpone it.

Once I started the new process, the pandemic came so I had to postpone it again.

Last week the tumor’s size is as big as the size of an egg. It’s like a big abscess. Suddenly 3 days ago there was a leak in which the puss started flowing, then there was blood too.

I went to the hospital, the doctor said that I have to immediately undergo surgery to remove it. The date is set for Monday 19 Oct.

Today I’m in the hospital for an early check-in and biopsy process.

I need your help with the surgery process as I don’t know whether health insurance can cover it. I’m already selling my vinyl collection and some of my gear but it’s still not enough 🙂 I need to raise around 700-1000$ for the surgery. So this is my final effort 🙂

I know 2020 is a hard year for all of us, so I can understand if you can’t donate.

A simple share would be just fine 🙂

If you wish to donate, you can donate through my friend’s Paypal: [email protected]

Or if you want to send directly to my bank account:

Bank: Bank Central Asia
Branch: KCP Kusumanegara
Branch number: 8465

Street: Kusumanegara no. 18
City: Yogyakarta
Postal code: 55167
Country: Indonesia

IBAN code: 8465141359

Account holder name: Martinus Indra Hermawan
Account number: 8465141359

If you wish to contact me, you can Whatsapp me at +62 822-9012-1376

Thank you!”

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