Thai Beatdown Band Depressed Destroys Siam Square – The Place Has Been Obliterated RIP

Yup…after the worldwide attention that fullset live video of Thai hardcore band Whispers RIPPING up the street of a busy shopping center in the heart of Bangkok got, today we have a fullset live video of Thai beatdown band Depressed making sure that not only was the street ripped up, but people were carted out of the area in body bags.

The other thing that has transpired from this which has been amusing is that apparently there are a few normie types of people in Thailand who are talking about how “violent” the audience was. This of course comes from their own inexperience and lack of understanding of how crowds handle themselves at “heavy” shows so seeing “moshing” and people climbing over each other will come as a complete shock to them.¬†Whatever. This shit ain’t for everyone…


Fucking DOPE Photo Credit: nxpg

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