Post Hardcore Act Luminari Release New Single ‘Void’ [Hong Kong]

Formed in 2019, Hong Kong-based post-hardcore band Luminari have just released a new single entitled ‘Void’. The song features the vocalist of Hong Kong melodic hardcore band The Priceless Boat who also moonlights as the guitarist of post hardcore band Rain In Time. On having him on the track the band states, “We’re glad to have him on because he’s a vocalist that we appreciate a lot. His voice is energetic but also emotional which totally fits with our song. So he was the first person who came to mind when we were looking for a guest feature. It turned out so good and provides a great contrast to our own vocalist, Kaka.”

Luminari began with a collective love and appreciation for modern metal/emo bands such as Novelists, Alazka, Nothing, Nowhere, Holding Absence, etc. “This new song illustrates the feeling of emptiness and numbness induced by medication. Turns out that feeling nothing is just terrible. The song ends with the message that the only way to escape from the inevitable suffering in life is not to escape but to embrace.”

As the band moves forward they’ll be focusing on recording their debut EP. “We’ve already written all our songs and we just need to go in and record them. The new songs are more straightforward with less technical riffs and complex structures. We’ve been thinking more about how we could entertain and connect with the audience. We believe that simple grooves and riffs would do the job which could help the audience easily integrate with us and our new songs. They’re totally different vibes so stay tuned!”

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