Symphonic Black/Death Metal PERISH OF EMPYREAN Release Cassette/New Single [Hong Kong]

Hong Kong based symphonic black/death metal band PERISH OF EMPYREAN have released a sick new single entitled ‘March of Plaint’ and have also released a special limited edition cassette.

The band was so kind to send us a huge background to the release and new track:

“The new single is based on the story about the war of heaven. The track takes listeners on a harrowing journey, starting by walking through a city of woe. We paint a picture of an apocalyptic downfall, where the end that was sown has come to fruition. It delves into corruption, hypocrisy, and the disillusionment of false virtues. The imagery of the Garden of Eden’s corruption and the decay of eternity further intensifies the sense of despair and desolation.

The lyrics confront our listeners with the realities of existence and question the notions of faith, obedience, and peace. These themes resonate with the modern world, where we often witness individuals or institutions projecting an image of righteousness while engaging in deceitful or unethical practices. Peace can be illusory, pointing to the conflicts and tensions that persist in our society despite outward appearances of harmony. It examines the true nature of peace and questions whether it is merely a façade that masks underlying injustices or unresolved issues. It confronts the darker aspects of human existence and raises questions about the destructive consequences of human actions.

Like the previous songs, we combine orchestral elements like strings with death metal and the atmospheric darkness of black metal. The most different thing is paying more effort in layering the paragraphs. The song’s pacing shifts between relentless assaults of brutality and moments of epic atmospheric passages, creating a dynamic and captivating sonic experience.
The melodic guitar riff of the intro builds an image of the army formed by fallen angels. At the same time, the verse sounds punchy to describe the suffering from reality, like crawling heavily on wet soil and rising from the underground.

Our guitarist wrote two solos for the song. As a pre-chorus, the first solo is shorter to create a ‘condensed energy’ before the war.
The chorus is a declaration. We decided to separate it into three parts. The vocal line is more compact in the first two parts to highlight the dissatisfaction with lower screams, while the third part fills with higher screams to call out our listeners to the ‘revolution’.

The second solo starts directly after the chorus. The sensational dynamic of the melody illustrates the staged victory of fallen angels.

We arranged the outro by adding a speech. It is a paragraph from Paradise Lost by John Milton, a short description of the war.
The outro is the most atmospheric part of this song. The guitar chords and vocal lines create an emotional sense. The melodic bass line and intense drum patterns unleash a thunderous power that adds texture and ambience to the compositions, enhancing the overall dark and haunting atmosphere.

We cooperate with Max (Morton Studio, Ukraine) for the mixing and mastering again. His profession and instincts made our song sound more epic!

This is actually the first song we wrote. We wrote the track years ago. After long periods of digestion and digging, we found a better way to express our thoughts and visualise them. Our vocalist created the cover art that combines the elements of Ouroboro, circle, abyss and war. Circle is the primary image as there is no ending to this war, in our opinion. We are also preparing a music video to tell more about the story.”

The cassette is available by DM-ing the band directly. “The concept is inspired by fresh packed meat in the supermarket. Inborn Decadence is about sloth. When discussing the idea, being sloth made us feel like a rotten piece of flesh. And the idea of packed meat just popped out. The illustration card imitates the blood-absorbent mat under the meat. The blood pattern is unique as it is hand-drawn by our vocalist.”

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