“Dedicated to the brave women and men of Iran” Check Out UK Band MAZANDARAN

MAZANDARAN was born from an idea to make protest music that shone a light on the experience of the Iranian diaspora, many of whom were displaced by the current regime. All members share Iranian heritage and the lyrics and imagery speak of the ancient Persian mythology of The Shahnameh, with passages about the legendary hero Rostam slaying the Div-e Sepid, or White Demon, and overcoming evil. Musically, the band delve into the deep and rich history of Japanese and Skandinavian hardcore punk of the 80s, as what better type of punk is there to make you feel like you are battling demons and about to fuck shit up?

Dedicated to the brave women and men of Iran suffering 44 years of oppression from the current theocratic, fascist, and fundamentally anti-Iranian regime occupying our ancestral home.

The 7″ is being released by Quality Control and pre-orders are up at the link below.


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