Singapore Pop punk Band, Autumn Atlantic, Released New EP Titled ‘Reflections’

In early May 2020, Singapore pop-punk band, Autumn Atlantic, released their single track titled ‘Give Me A Summer’ leading up to the release of their EP titled ‘Reflections’. The band’s early years were spent on Singapore’s gigging circuit performing and engaging listeners with their music. Picking things up from where they left off after years of hiatus, the band announced its return with a five-track EP.

Founding members of the band, Jeff Alsufiean and Syamin Musa, wrote material for the EP from 2018 to 2019 and enlisted the help of a long-time friend and former drummer of Attention! The New Portsdown, Faizal Osman, to shore up the band’s creativity department. The trio hopes to showcase its own brand of rock and pop-punk through the EP which they feel is a reflection of the band’s identity.

‘Reflections’ narrates a rollercoaster ride of emotions and life experiences from the band member’s point of view. The band provides a track-by-track breakdown of the songs.

1. Yesterday, Today and Always (My Heart) Some may find this song relatable if they have been through a relationship where feelings were unrequited and honesty wasn’t appreciated which starts to bear down on them.

2. Break Free This song is about breaking free from the clutches of a toxic relationship where the girl was hell-bent on ruining and gradually taking the guy apart through vengeance that it slowly eats into his conscience and sanity.

3. Give Me A Summer It’s a story about the most memorable night you had with someone when you were younger, wishing that life could forever stay that way.

4. Great Ocean Road When you’re in awe with someone or an idea that you quickly forget your place. Harbouring hope for something that is never meant to be yours.

5. Dance Rock This song is about spent feelings being reignited through role-play.

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