Singapore Hardcore Band PSYLOCK Give Track By Track Breakdown of Debut EP

Yo…that fucking intro is a RAGER.

We know it’s only March 2024 and the world is FULL of crazy releases that just seem to outdo each other with every damn thing that comes out…but if you sleep on this debut EP by Singaporean hardcore band PSYLOCK you but a fool. The blending of hardcore with thrash, face melting solos, reverb-drenched vocals that both scream and sing, and grooves for days – go blast this shit asap.

When we requested some info the tracks, this response was SICK. “It was trial and error with lyrics. The music was pretty much done, so I just had to make stuff up that would suit the songs. Whether fiction, or based on true events, best I could try is to make it relatable,” stated Izzat, vocalist of the band. But he did continue to help try to piece some meaning to the lyrics he penned and sent in the following track by track breakdown:

(The Watchful Eye)
Wrote this in relation to a screenplay that I’m working on as a passion project, about a “war” between the powerful and the powerless. It’s a work in progress. Totally sci-fi.

(Rally The Troops)
When the pandemic hit, people started taking shots at the local hardcore scene for a ton of issues, but at the same time generalising everyone under the roof. Fast forward to now, with all the attention and hype the hardcore world’s been getting, everyone wants a piece. So this song is about those who remained and those who left. Those new and those who who’ve returned to the scene. And those who have no idea what they’re talking about, but act like they do.

(Thou Shall Obey)
Initially based on stories from friends & family, who’d share their experiences with horrible bosses/superiors.

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