“More Than A Scene/But A Community” Hardcore Band CLEAN SLATE Drop New EP [Philippines]

Hardcore punk band CLEAN SLATE from the Philippines have returned with a brand new EP entitled ‘Kafkaesque’ that features the anthem ‘PHC’.

They were kind enough to send us some more info about this specific batch of songs:

“Sonically, it’s just a mix of Righteous Jams, the Turning Point demo, and those types of straight edge bands (even though, and we can’t stress this enough, we’re not a straight edge band lol). Lyrically, just the thought of not letting the world harden you which I heard from GIVE resonates with me and I would love everyone to remind each other that being hard is inevitable, but it’s ok to be soft sometimes. Mad Men has references from Nietzsche, Kafka, Camus, and even the Bible. Action and Clean Slate are more straightforward since these we’re actually from our 2016 demo. The first song opens with a sample from the critically acclaimed TV show Breaking Bad, then followed by an instrumental intro reminiscent of Righteous Jams’ Invasion or The Rival Mob’s Intro Grunt. No stopping, because PHC comes next – the proposed anthem for hardcore on this side of the world. FOR US, BY US. Credit Roll is about unlearning and not letting the world harden you, while Mad Men is a song that searches for god, but finding saints who continue with their 9 to 6 jobs without question, because “everything is good in the afterlife.” The human condition. Action reiterates what Credit Roll’s message of not letting this life define you. Clean Slate is what the band is all about – second or more chances to those losing hope.”

Go jam these tracks now! The band is heading to the infamous Concrete Jungle Fest in Thailand featuring MERAUDER and KICKBACK. More info HERE.


Photo Credit: Jhona

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