Shoegaze Act Heavëner Release EP [Malaysia]

Heavëner, Malaysian shoegaze act, have released a 6 track EP.

“Acts as a portal to a dreamlike sonic landscape, embark on a pilgrimage, a retreat into the warmth of celestial suns and the boundless expanses of love. A series of poetic vignettes, painting vivid soundscapes that oscillate between blissful serenity and emotional intensity. The atmospheric textures ebb and flow, mirroring the gentle dance of sunlight filtering through the leaves of an enchanted forest. “As Suns and Love Retreat” is an ode to the celestial, an auditory escapade that transcends the constraints of time and space, leaving an indelible mark on the soul of those fortunate enough to traverse.

The final track is written in Bahasa, explaining about gracefully convey a poignant farewell and a hopeful transition to the afterlife. Wishing eternal blessings for the departed, intertwine images of humble lands, unseen air, and the promise of reunion across realms.

Heavëner will be on tour supporting Flirt, Punk/Screamo from Leipzig, Germany for their Malaysia and Singapore leg from February 17th until February 25th.

Physical releases and merch available for preorder via the band and Into The Fray Records.

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