Second Combat and others says goodbye to beloved Malaysian venue Alt HQ

Second Combat posted a pic on their instagram with the following caption about the closing of a beloved Malaysian venue Alt HQ:

“Alt HQ final show this Sunday. The place brings so many memories to us. Please come to pay last respects to one of the best venues in Klang Valley. See you there!!”

Info about the event can be found on this flyer…basically the who’s who of the beautiful Malaysian hardcore scene will be present…

Here’s goodbye announcement by ALT HQ staff themselves:

“It is with regret that we had to announce the closing of Alternate Plus HQ. As of April, we have already opened this space for exactly 2 years. It sadden us to know that we couldn’t continue this longer than it is. But the responsibility of keeping this place together had clearly been a heavier task than what we’ve expected.

We want to take this chance to say thank you to everybody that have support Alt HQ from the bands to the gig-goers. Our main goal was always to provide a space for bands and gig-goers to express and enjoy music in the heart of the city, and we hope that we will leave a good enough legacy that someone will continue where we left off. And with that, know that currently we are selling this space for anybody who is interested with the space. Please email us at [email protected] or call us at +601125829016. On Sunday, 29th march 2014, Alt HQ will have it’s last showcase.

This one goes out to everyone that had supported us along these 2 wonderful and memorable years. We hope the flame that we help sparked will forever burn brighter than we ever imagined This is our effort to make one last memory here, to remind us why we started and to why we shouldn’t stop.”

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