Carcass posts inverted Malaysian flag in anger

So as soon as I woke up today my Facebook exploded with pissed off messages from all my Malaysian friends regarding Carcass and their recent posting on their FB (screenshot below). Carcass apparently wasn’t able to get into Malaysia because the government denied their visas…so Carcass, rightfully, were pissed off – and in a fit of anger put up a photo of an inverted Malaysian flag. Now, I get they’re pissed, however, I can TOTALLY understand the anger of Malaysians because that is disrespectful in all regards…plus the whole WORLD knows that any fucking government doesn’t represent the entire population. No matter how pissed you are – you don’t disrespect a flag and a country…

Another way to look at this however, don’t get mad at me Malaysia, is to direct anger towards the Malaysian government putting pressure on them to review their process for issuing/dealing with visas. I mean seriously, it is 2015, are there really ANY bands on this planet that can inspire a revolution with their lyrics now? Hahaha…

Of course we here in Hong Kong know that this visa-issuing nonsense is even worse where we’re from (not Hong Kong – the motherland).

What do you all think?

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