Punk Band Pistols99 Sign To Brand New Me Records Release New Single [Thailand]

Thailand and Hong Kong have gone through some horrible shit together these past couple of years, and thus, when we hear songs released by Thai bands in support of protestors, activists, and the entire protest movement, it always means so much to us. Thai punk band Pistols99 have just released this touching new single off their upcoming EP. The song explanation includes information about fighting oppressors and raising funds for a protest-related fund as well as for volunteer medics – all things that we in Hong Kong also were doing at the height of our protest movement from a few years ago. We just hope, what ended up happening to us in Hong Kong doesn’t happen to you in Thailand.

Pistols99 sent us the following info:

“The song is about the current state of people’s movement & demonstration to protest /overthrow the government for mismanagement and oppressive regimes in Thailand with the situation now getting more intense as the police escalate violence towards the demonstrators to sabotage the movement.

Among a variety of rallies led by different groups, ideologies & methodologies, there’s an independent group of demonstrators who gather at this area called ‘Sam Liam Dindang Junction’ (In english ‘ Dindang Triangle’) from roughly 5 pm til curfew to protest government and police brutality. Unlike the other rallies, at Din Dang things get a lot more heat than the other demonstrations from both police and public opinion because these demonstrators decided to physically fight back against police brutality. It’s an organical demonstration with no leader. The demonstrators who come to Din Dang mainly come from working class or underprivileged backgrounds and polytechnic students raging out against the authoritarian government. The area is heavily guard by riot police because it closed by the military base and The fucking prime minister/Dictator Prayut Chan-O-Cha’s residence within the camp on Vibhavadi Rangsit Rd is one of the factor why the police likely to be more agressive in this area.

This event is still ongoing daily but most of the incidents do not really make it to the media let alone the mainstream ones. In the public opinion, many people overlook or avoid talking about it as they thought these protesters seem “non-peaceful protest”, radical because they use different methods & tools (Vandalism, Firework, catapult , bricks & etc. while the police whom heavily armed with armor, shied, tear gas, high-pressure toxicat water, baton, rubber bullets..etcs) from other demonstrations that are led by university students or political figures. I wrote this song because I can’t stand how divisive within the democratic movements in this country and how alienating the situation is for these brave people. In the end we’re all in this shit together and we all have the same goal : a better future for our beloved country. At the end of the day we all shared the democratic values.

We wanted to show solidarity & support to our brother and sister out there to stand by them or at least use our song as the starter to having dialogues about the issue. For me this is a duty as a person who identified myself as ‘Punk Rocker’

This song is a part of our statement which we will release collectively as an extended play called ‘Counterculture’ via Brand New Me Records. We will release more tracks very soon.”

Solidarity with the oppressed all over the world.


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