Punk Band Murder Bizkitz Release New Album ‘Control Your Mind…’ [Thailand]

Bangkok-based punk rock band Murder Bizkitz have released their new album.

Here’s the full write-up:

“The Murder Bizkitz are one of the heavier punk bands in Bangkok. The band has been around the scene putting on shows around Bangkok and in Hanoi and Yangon. Tony is now the lead singer and has taken a harder turn in the sound and more politically driven direction with songs as in the past album like “Bomb the Tories.” The new album is a continuation of their fast chord structures short songs and screaming lyrics, songs as “Lard core” is a song against mass food consumption and “Trapped in a Manboo” against the idea in Japan where people live in an internet café. It could be said the band is a perspective on both political issues in the East and the West. Songs like the opening track “Get off your knees” could be a call today to fight against government oppression happening currently today in South East Asia especially in Myanmar. They also cover the Bad Brains song “Pay to Cum.” The songs are short fast and in your face punk rock as in the old days of the genre. Once this pandemic is over the band hopes to get down and finally play in Malaysia and Indonesia.”


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