Punk Band Bolton Throw You For A Loop On This Track [Indonesia]

We always find it that a sign of a healthy, mature scene is the creativity and forward-thinking bands/music it creates. When scenes are not well-developed or don’t have an abundance of bands of any particular genre, the bands that do come out seem to not be very different from what you’d already hear from thousands of bands of that genre around the world. (Yes, we know we’re generalizing! Hahahahaha…stay with us…we’re getting to this band). But with scenes that have been around for decades with thousands of bands of any particular genre, each band that comes out needs to find a way to break through the “clutter” so to speak.

Indonesia is certainly one of those scenes which produce bands that really push the envelope…cause there just are so many bands from there who release music on the daily.

Which finally brings us to punk band Bolton…holy bananas…right from the getgo there is something different about the band (even their promo pic is dope!), but from the middle to the end of the song they TOTALLY floor us.

Check it out…great band: https://www.instagram.com/amazing.fucking.bolton/

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