Pest Productions [China] Drop Two New Releases – Asthenia [China] / Welkin [Singapore]

China-based record label Pest Productions have released two records by Asian bands today. Check out the write-ups and the music further below:

“From the earliest “Still Lifes” to “Nucleation”, and to the 2018 EP “Aplastic / Malebolge”, the musical elements of Asthenia‘s new album appear to be increasingly rich and complex. The new album has even further revolutionized without the limit of genres – the typical shoegaze/post (black) metal/post-hardcore elements still remain, yet more ambient-based passages in the veins of depressive rock and progressive rock could remind audiences of late Katatonia and Porcupine Tree. However, the self-destructive characteristics associated with the ultimate tragic conception of ancient Greece are always regarded as the core elements of the themes that ASTHENIA seeks to express, despite of the constantly evolving musical style.

Limited to 100 copies on boxset CD, including a standard edition CD, a patch, and a handkerchief. Standard Edition CD limited to 300 copies, and the cassette available in 60 copies.”

“Welkin was formed in mid-2017 as a one-man Black Metal project by Hasthur, under the influence of the legendary sounds of Finnish Black Metal (Satanic Warmaster、Sargeist、Baptism、Behexen, Noenum, etc.) and other great Black Metal acts from around the world (Darkenhöld, Holyarrow, Vothana, Thrawsunblat, etc). Hailing from Singapore, the band has, so far, released a self-titled demo and a split with two other Singaporean bands, Nuurisk and Luna Azure, titled “Tri-Necromantic Black Mass” with more to come in the future.”

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