Peking Opera Death Metal Anyone? Check Out Guangzhou Band Acne

ACNE is a band from Guangzhou, China. Formed in 1998 by vocalist/guitarist Gary Ho, they used to play old school thrash/death metal. In 2014 Gary Ho decided to make a dramatic change on the musical style, and created a new genre called Peking Opera Death Metal. Other bandmates left shortly after. But Gary Ho managed to record the album “Crossways” all by himself, and released it in 2019. This is the album that started the new musical genre Peking Opera Death Metal, in which the traditional drum set is completely replaced by the percussions of Peking opera, blending smoothly with thrash/death metal guitar riffs and vocals, along with funky slapping bass.

Songs 1-5, 7-10 are sung in Cantonese (a native language in south China).
Song 6 is sung in Mandarin (Chinese official language).

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