Old School Death Metal Act FLESHCRAVE Return With Third Single [India]

Kolkata’s very own death metal warriors FLESHCRAVE are back with their 3rd single, ‘Spawn of Cruelty’.

It’s been a year since Fleshcrave released new music, and here they are, with a brand new 5-piece lineup, stronger than ever. Fleshcrave’s songs generally speak of lores and legends of the infamous Berserk, by Kentaro Miura ; but Spawn of Cruelty happens to be one of Fleshcrave’s oldest tracks, written even before the band came into being. Their influences revolve around bands like Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Monstrosity, Pestilence and Obituary. They have already gained a following for themselves nationwide through their releases and live performances.

The 3-minute long track ‘Spawn of Cruelty’ speaks of anger, resentment and betrayal; lies spewed in the name of reason. The song speaks of the hurdles the band had to face in the past, to reach where they are now. The song has a lethal blend of brutality infused in the riffage and features precise drumming. The first half of the song features technically challenging instrumentation, with the vocals perfectly fitting in. The second half of the song takes a nosedive in tempo, and is more groovy, the riffage becoming more articulated, followed by an equally amazing guitar solo. The aforementioned release has, and is making rounds in the city’s metal scene, in different parts of the subcontinent, and also Bangladesh, ever since its release. The track was also played live in almost every show the band performed in, before its release.


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