Newly Established Cassette-Only Label Findme Announce Hong Kong Indie Music Compilation

Like much of the world, it’s been an absolute pleasure to see our own city of Hong Kong slowly return to the beauty of physical releases such as vinyl and cassettes. Our good friend Bluesman recently released his debut solo album ‘Kowloon Blues and Other Assorted Love Songs‘ and even he’s surprised that all of his vinyl is almost sold out (it was only released a month ago).

Today we get to help promote a brand new upcoming Hong Kong indie music cassette compilation called ‘Hypnotik’. The cassette compilation is being released by a brand new record label Findme which started in March of 2020 simply based on the love of the culture of cassettes. According to the label, “The reason we’re called “Findme” is based on the culture of cassette-hunting when you go through older parts of a city and find a record store and the joy of searching and finding a cassette that you’ve been looking for. We want to bring that aura to cassettes back. And the second reason we started this label is simply that there isn’t enough information out about cassettes. Though the older generation seems to know a lot about cassettes and cassette players, etc., we’re trying to get this information out to the current crop of music aficionados.”

While flipping through the label’s awesome IG page HERE, it certainly is evident that the peeps behind this label truly have a deep passion for cassette culture, and we back that HARD. We grew up on cassettes ourselves. Making mixtapes and handwriting the names of the bands and songs we were putting on, getting a double cassette player so we could make these mixtapes and dub friend’s cassettes. Having fun with the “high speed” function on these cassette players. Then remember when the almighty “walkman” dropped? Forget about it. We don’t even think we knew what was going on in the world around us when we were walking down the streets of Hong Kong or sitting on the back of buses and MTR’s with gigantic headphones on our heads. The label actually sources old walkmans and Canto-pop releases on cassettes and resells them. It’s SUPER rad that they’re doing that because it truly shows their sincerity and genuine love for this culture.

So what was the idea for putting together this new compilation featuring Hong Kong indie music acts? “When we founded findme, we always wanted to contribute to Hong Kong’s independent music and cassette culture. In the beginning, we mainly introduced cassettes from overseas acts. But last year we finally released two cassettes on our label.”

許采蔚 Tsoiwaijenjen’ 序 ・PRELUDE


周華欣 Linda Chow《If You Feel Sad, I Can Eat You》

And now the label is taking on a mammoth task of inviting 14 Hong Kong-based bands/musicians to contribute to a new compilation called Hypnotik. “While Music is always considered a good metaphor for medication, we use it as a stimulant, sedative, vitamin, and even hypnotic. 2020 has been a tough year with the catastrophe of COVID-19, so to help ease the stress of urbanites like you and me, we really need some form of “HypotiK” for a restful night. With a selection of 14 relaxing and therapeutic songs from Hong Kong’s indie musicians and bands, ‘HypnotiK 安眠藥’ is definitely the best fit to help you get some sleep.”

The release is also in collaboration with an IG music platform called 9588HK. “The reason I decided to work with them is that when I was planning this comp they were hitting me up on IG. Their IG is all about supporting Hong Kong bands as well so I decided why not work together?’

Pre-orders for the cassette is up now. Click HERE. A band we’re excited to hear on the compilation is Bedroom Party whose picture we’ve featured above. We live in Tseung Kwan O so the fact that the band’s photo is from our hood fills us up with immense, beautiful pride. Check out a track the band just released streaming below.

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