New Youtube Series ‘Crossover’ Launched Bringing Two Different Acts Together [Indonesia]

SUPER dope new initiative entitled Crossover in Indonesia by Live For Better Days who invite two very different artists together for a special crossover show. Each act performs two songs one of which is a cover of the other artist’s music. The actual idea is to put together some sort of production that helps employ the people behind the scenes who like MANY people in this industry all over the world haven’t been able to find work. SICK.

This week’s episode has our boys in Indonesian hardcore heavy hitters Outrage getting their groove on with hip-hop act Yacko. Outrage come slaying it on the first track, and then Yacko pops off right with the opening audio clip! She then continues to kill it on the mic and we were sitting mesmerized at her sheer power.

YO, FOR REAL, THIS SHIT IS FIRE DUDE! The audio on this thing is fucking SICK too. The host KILLS it too 🙂 It’s also super cool that in the edit they include all the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes! SICK. This whole thing is fucking amazing. Outrage cover Yacko’s track ‘Sound of Revolution’ and she covered Outrage’s track ‘Martyr’.

Check out the full thing below! Super sick!

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Here are the original tracks:

Yacko’s original track ‘Sound of Revolution’

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