Myanmar Resistance Compilation Released Featuring MDC, Restarts, And Others

GRIMACE RECORDS has released a new Myanmar Resistance Compilation to support Food Not Bombs Myanmar. The compilation includes 42 bands from around the world such as The Dwarves, Svetlanas, MDC, Restarts, and features many Southeast Asian local bands who have all donated songs to support the cause. Punks in Myanmar are struggling under an oppressive regime with very little support for impoverished families.

“Punks from Food Not Bombs-Myanmar have been caring for the elderly homeless population, bringing books to schools, feeding the poorest of the poor while being shot at in the streets by authorities. While the government stands by and lets COVID19 decimate their population, punks are out in the streets and they need our international community to back them up.” Says producer Sophie Rousmaniere. “Finally we have a way to ask people to help support the cause without having to give cash or even asking people to leave their homes. Just listen to some great revolutionary music.”

In an attempt to shut down Facebook, local news organizations, and media, the Myanmar government announced in February of ‘21 that a number of news outlets and social media platforms would be unavailable until further notice.

Jojo, vocalist of Myanmar’s The Rebel Riot Band, who has been working with communities for years, has often been arrested speaking out for the people. “We are showing the government how to care for their citizens,” says Jojo. “We can’t force them to govern properly, but we can set an example.”

Their struggle has been covered in the international press (see links below for Aljazeera, Vice, The Guardian, as well as a number of documentary films).

With their ‘stream to donate’ system, “Anyone who can listen to the music can support the cause!” says John Hale, Co-founder of Grimace Records.

Full list of bands taking part:
The Dwarves,
MDC – Millions Of Dead Cops,
The Elected Officials,
All Gonna Die,
Round Eye (China)
Kultureshock (Myanmar)
Rebel Riot,(Myanmar)
Really Red,
Calculated Chaos,
Reagan Era Rejects,
Kazostroj (Slovakia)
Chaos Of Society
Cold Black Vines (Thailand)
Murder Bizkitz (SE Asia),
The Restarts
Ephemeral Phoetus (UK)
Unwanted Noise, (Canada)
Iron Fist
Millions of Dead Cowboys – MDC Acoustic
System Error (Myanmar)
No Love Less
Digital Resistance
Ramrods (Scottland)
Broke Off
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