Myanmar Punks THE REBEL RIOT Release Instrumental Single [Myanmar]

Myanmar punks THE REBEL RIOT release new instrumental single.

“Our new instrumental music has been released for the 3 years of the military coup in this country, Myanmar. This song is called”Spring Nightmare”.(Suggested to listen with earphones).

We’ve created this Instrumental by involving the voices of people’s revolution against the military dictatorship of 2021 in each and every different ways with music. Banging pots and pans, Battle-cries, Gun shots, Cries, Hatred and Anger, the sounds of the traumas of our people and the hurtful memories which can never be forgotten.

The purpose of creating this song is that sometimes in revolution, we can become cold-blooded and forget about the revolution. By hearing the voices of the past that we’ve all fight together can make us aware of the current situations and for the remembrance of the comrades who had lost their lives, comrades who are being arrested.

During these 3 years, people are getting killed, detained, arrested, families are separated ,business have been failing and the whole country is in trouble now.

Myanmar’s politics are not being frequently shown in worldwide media now due to the issues of Russia Vs Ukraine, and Hamas vs Israel. But the revolutionary movements against the dictatorship in various forms in different places continue to rise.

We respect and honor each and every comrades who are participating in this revolution without wavering until now…

We must win this fight!! ✊️✊️✊️
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