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Typecast | Ceiling

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It is our immense honor as a website that is all about promoting Asian punk rock, hardcore and metal bands/happenings to the world at large, to bring you this exclusive music video premiere of the immensely talented Typecast from the Philippines. For ANY fan of the good ol 90’s emo-punk rock sounds of The Get Up Kids, The Promise Ring and especially the early 2000’s like Taking Back Sunday, Further Seems Forever and Dashboard Confessional, will most definitely have heard of Typecast. This after all is a band that has been killing it since 1999 (Gee – a lot of good bands started in 1999 hahaha) and for whom I have only the utmost respect for because not only do they always bring out the goods in the form of HIGH quality music/lyrics, but they also remain true to the punk rock ethos of the movement that gave birth to this type of music. Asking them to kindly hold off giving this music video to any website including putting it on their own website, and for them to oblige but also to be EXCITED to allow us to premiere it speaks volumes about where these guys come from and what they’re about.

I was able to shoot a few questions out to the Typecast boys regarding this video in particular and their vocalist Steve (one of the best voices for this genre on the planet) hit me back with the answers below.

After the jump…enjoy the exclusive premiere of a beautiful song called Ceiling by Typecast


What’s the concept behind the video?
Like most of our songs, we let the audience have their own take on the story to make it personal and something that they can relate to. But basically, it’s a story about 2 people on their last day on earth. We made the scenes light to add weight to the concept.

Why did you choose to release an EP instead of a full length?
The original plan was to release a full length, but we decided to break it up into 3 separate EP’s so that we can focus on each song more, unlike “How your influence…” which had a lot of tracks. The songs were good, but there were songs that had little attention because there were so many tracks on that full length.


What was the process of coming up with this video up through completion?
We saved up some money from shows and bought a basic video prod setup; lights, flycam, etc. I even made a DIY crane and dolly tracks. We shot the talents first then after one year, we shot the performance (hahaha). It was supposed to be a two day shoot, but many things happened last year so we had to move the 2nd day to earlier this year.

What’s next for Typecast?
Right now we’re writing new material for the next ep and hopefully release it this year. We’re also planning to shoot another video for one track off the “Word Sits Heavy” EP.

Singapore – they’re coming through your hood on May 30th! Don’t miss out…they’re bringing out another tremendous Filipino indie-rock band Small Hands. Info in the flyer:

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