Ex-King Ly Chee drummer Kevin returns as a solo-artist…and what a return!


If you’ve watched our Lost in a World music video you will know that we have had the honor of having a lot of people come in and out of King Ly Chee and fill in the ranks…one of the most prominent members was certainly a little humble dude named Kevin Li. At the time he was playing with Hong Kong legends LMF (he still does) and upon coming into our band took us to stratospheric levels unseen for an underground-screamy-Hong Kong hardcore band.


After leaving King Ly Chee he moved on to play in a punk rock band called Hardpack. During the final few years of that era, this dude truly found his calling – as a 100% video making prankster…you can watch all those videos on his youtube channel and get ready to laugh your ass off (especially if you understand Cantonese) – think that old show “Punk’d” but a Hong Kong version and so much better.

Kevin’s youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXKf0o_Js0SekD_zku-iPPw

Fast forward to today – he just released his second solo song…the song’s title may not be the most politically correct title “I am a Fat Boy” – but that is EXACTLY the way my brother from another mother rolls – he likes challenging the system and that’s EXACTLY what he does in this song and video. More power to people like him who will do whatever it takes to get into the system and start rattling that cage. It’s because of people like him who know how to work the system, that there may be hope for some change in Hong Kong at the mainstream level.

I cannot say enough of how much I love this dude and everything he’s about…enjoy the video below and spread this shit wide!


Here’s another song that he released late last year:

Check out our latest King Ly Chee video that he actually produced for us along with our HOMIE Ah Ling

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