Looks Like Bangladesh Will Have the First Metal Show of the New Year in Asia

We don’t usually put up posts about local shows – because dude, just putting up information about EVERY single local show on this continent of ours would require a whole TEAM of peeps – but this show is different. A) It’s happening in Bangladesh, and B) it’s happening on January 1st, 2021 – you know, the year that shit all over this planet will magically ALL be better (yeah right).

So if you’re in Bangladesh…lookout for this show. If you’re not (most of us), hopefully, the organizers of this show will make sure to put up a live stream OR at least film some of the bands so that we can see videos of the aftermath.

The show is entitled ‘Vulgar Congregation’ and is organized by Culminar Terror. According to the promoters, “This gig was to be held in March 2020, due to the global thread the gig postponed for the year. ‘Culminar Terror’ cherishing the new decade with massive destruction of a comeback to the scene as its the beginning of joy to share metal together.”

Show is taking place January 1 at a venue called Jamuna Future Park.

Further details can be found at this link HERE.

Bands include:

Eternal Armageddon (Black/Thrash metal)
Thrash (Thrash metal)
ChronicleS (Death metal / Osdm / BlackendDeath / Occult Death metal)
Invochaos (Black metal)
Goddamn ( Heavy / Hardcore / Speed metal)
Deviant Malice (Thrash metal/ Oldschool Thrash)

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