‘The Legend of Kansai Hardcore’ Book Gets English Edition – To Be Release Soon [Japan]

Japanese hardcore legends Death Side and Forward had recently released a book entitled ‘The Legend of Kansai Hardcore’ which documented the journey of Ishiya of the bands. Today we found out that there is an English edition of the book in the works! After a year of work on the book, F.O.A.D. Records is releasing the book.

Here’s the full write up:

“F.O.A.D. Records is thrilled to announce the English version of “THE LEGEND OF KANSAI HARDCORE” book!! Previously published only for the Japanese market, this book is an incredible journey through the depths of the Kansai Hardcore hell run by no one else but Ishiya of DEATH SIDE and FORWARD fame. To team up with him in the interviews is Shintani from RAPES, whose career stretches from the early days of the Japanese Punk/Metal scene to the present. Packed with interviews and tons of interesting anecdotes, spiced up with rare pictures, this is the definitive work about this legendary area, a true-to-the-bone, authentic Hardcore report, documenting the most terrific, badass, and cool guys in Kansai, Japan!!

Bands included: S.O.B., NIGHTMARE, ZOUO, RAPES, OUTO, MOBS, Charmy & Pon (LAUGHIN’ NOSE), WAREHEAD, and more!! As you can expect, this FOAD version will include some extra content and.. a groundbreaking surprise! More details will be revealed in a few months.”

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