Long Running Singapore Oi Band The Bois Play Goodbye Show Relocate to the UK

Singapore just said goodbye to a beloved Lion City oi band called The Bois. We caught up with the main man, Baba, behind the band to get a little more context…good luck to the band as they relocate and restart it all in the UK!

“We started in 2000 when the band I was in before was going slow. My ex-vocalist knew a drummer who played in a metal band and also had a friend who played guitar. They just started to hang out with us so we decided to give it a go and the first song we played as a band was Suburban Rebels by The Business.

As soon as all that happened, we knew this was it. This was going to be a band. On our very second jam, we already started writing originals. We were and are inspired mostly by English Oi bands. The Oppressed, Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects, The Last Resort, The Prowlers, etc. to name a few. I still remember we played our very first show at Substation [a beloved Singapore institution RIP]. It was just after the release of a local compilation so it had our first 2 singles: Adelphi and Cream Of The Crops.

People were singing along with us which just inspired the band to write more songs. We were then invited to open up for The Business in Kuala Lumpur. Our first overseas show and a big one for The Bois. I still remember how emotional it was for the band when we had the flyer in our hands.

After the second album, we decided to do some UK/Europe tours which went well. Played a festival, Mighty Sounds in Tabor, Czech Republic. I can say it’s one of the best shows we played. Didn’t expect the crowd to be massive and people actually singing along with us to our originals.

Coming back to the present day, it will be the last show for The Bois for a while in Singapore as Baba is relocating to the UK. It will be a new lineup consisting of guys from Germany. A mini tour is already lined up for us in September/ October. The Bois will always be a Lion City band and will always represent Adelphi. It will only be different faces and located far away.”

Go support the band out there in Europe!



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