Long-Running Hardcore Band Never Ending Threat Drop New Heat [Malaysia]

Malaysian hardcore band Never Ending Threats have just unleashed new heat on the world via a brand new all Malay banger entitled ‘You’re Nothing’.

The band has been around since the early 90’s highly inspired by bands like Judge, Worlds Collide, Unbroken, 4 Walls Falling. The band were quick to add, “A majority of our influences were the early 90’s Victory Records hardcore bands” and have previously released material on a legendary Malaysian hardcore compilation, a demo, and an EP entitled ‘We Are Back’.

“Over the past 2 decades, we’ve actually gone through a few different personnel changes, as well as musical styles and sounds and never really finalized any particular one. The current style that we’ve settled on is a blend of more heavy hardcore with some beatdown elements. That’s what you hear on our debut EP ‘We Are Back’.”


“The song we released today is written in Malay which makes it easier for us to connect deeply with people in our community. Lyrically, the song is about how disgusted we are with so-called friends who continue to stab each other in the back, look down on others, and think it’s ok to step on other people’s heads all the while displaying zero remorse. We don’t need such “parasites” living around us. And they mean nothing so they should be kicked out of our circle.”

The subject matter of the track explains the ferocity in the vocal delivery and the general tone of this brand new track.

Go blast this jam and be stoked that the band is already hard at work on two new bangers to be released soon.


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