Lion City Hardcore Mourns The Passing of a Pioneer – Hafidz Samsudin [Singapore]

These are always the hardest posts to make…the ones about someone passing. Someone beloved by an entire SCENE of people is even harder.

Yesterday, one of the pioneers of the Singaporean hardcore scene, vocalist of Stompin Ground Hafidz Samsudin, passed away in his sleep. As he was a well-loved member of the Singaporean hardcore community you can only expect an outpouring of grief. Some of the beautiful tributes have been copied and pasted below (with permission). NME has also run a beautiful article on him HERE.

We wish his family and friends all the strength in the days going forward……..

Rest in Power Hafidz.

Ezar – Recover/LC93

“Lion City Hardcore have lost a legend in Hafidz.

Call it a eulogy…

Back when there was no internet nor youtube, I had no access to any overseas hardcore bands. There was only Stompin Ground. The first time I watched them live turned my heart inside out and made me want to be part of the scene.

I watched diligently on his moves, vocal prowess, his intimacy with the crowd. Always full of energy…always on the move.
This picture [pictured above] at the legendary LCHC gig 1993…Hafidz came on stage during Voiceout’s set and grabbed the mic to sing Burning Fight. As seen in the pic…I was in awe and greatly humbled and honored that he came on with us.

He inspired and shaped my own vocal journey with my bands thereafter. Never have I shied away to name him and Stompin Ground as my biggest influence in LCHC.

A mentor, an idol, a friend. Rest in Peace brother.

May God forgive all your misgivings and place you amongst the righteous.

Faisal – Vanilla Thunder Records

I met Hafiz at Forum a week after Stompin’ Ground 1st gig at the Paya Lebar CC. Me and a bunch of friends were sitting on the long bench that was facing Forum. He was in his white Multi Death Corporation T-shirt (I didn’t know it was a band at the time), he still has his long hair and he was the only one that came up to us. He sat next to me and we started talking. I was telling him how much I love his band and was very happy to finally see an ‘HC’ band live. Technically Stompin’ wasn’t really a full-blown HC band at the time. I remembered we talked about DRI and the Circle Jerks and the movie Streets Of Fire. He was the warmest among all the band members and an easy fella to talk to.

The 2nd Stompin’ gig was at the Substation, they were playing on the ground floor in front of the wall. I don’t know why they didn’t play the stage. This time I met him, he had cut his hair short and they were starting to cover some NYHC songs. One thing about that gig that stood out for me was when he introduced a new song from their upcoming demo ‘Grey’ about seals hunting. That show was a beginning for him as an HC vocalist. I was really transfixed with his live energy that I made it a point to try to attend every Stompin’ show possible from that point onwards. I often joke about him being a rejected Nuradee band member, that was a tasteless joke and I shouldn’t have done that but he is a good sport and took it well.

After he left Stompin’ I didn’t see him for a long time until out of nowhere he was singing with a band at a gig at Temasek Poly doing U2 covers. The last time I saw him live was at the Stompin Ground farewell gig at Youth Park and the very last time we met was at the ‘We set the pace’ exhibition at the Substation in 2012. His passing yesterday sent shock waves through the LCHC community and the people that know and loved him. He has always been my hero since the beginning, he’s one of the good guys and never shies away from new kids, humble and down to earth. We gonna miss you, buddy, have a safe journey, hopefully, we’ll meet again on the other side.

“He’s not really gone. As long as we remember him…”

Syed – Bind/Rebel Hifi

“This was the last time we had fun together not just as STOMPIN’ GROUND but as friends, brothers, and as a unit that represents Lioncity Hardcore or LCHC.

Hafidz Samsudin was always the energy that I feed on whenever we perform and through his energy I got mine and that’s when both of us will go crazy and be on air all over the stage.

Today when I received the news of him gone, I have to be honest, I was trying to reject the news coming in from so many people and wishing that it was not true, but in the end, I was wrong. I was broken knowing that it was not a rumor but real.

I’m glad that the last time I spent time with him was doing what we loved from the beginning, which was playing Hardcore music together in the same studio throughout our life.

These photos were the last shot we took as Stompin’ Ground at TNT studio and that live video clip that you guys have witnessed on that day, you can see that Hafidz was happy and doing what he always does which was making everyone happy and laugh our hearts out.

I’m going to miss him dearly…

I witnessed and testify that he was a good brother! May Allah bless him, forgive him, and place him in His Jannah tul Firdaus with the righteous.


“Today we mourn the passing of Hafidz Stompin Ground. The first Hardcore frontman in our Lion City Hardcore familial. This man has inspired many other hardcore vocalists in our scene for the longest time. A man who was bursting with energy on stage with a rollercoaster of emotions, and a man who was ridiculously humble and funny to all around him.

Even when he withdrew from the scene in his personal capacity, he was never forgotten. There can only be one Hafidz Stompin.
The legacy you leave behind will stay in our memories forever.

May u finally rest in peace away from pain. Much loved and already missed. ❤️
Hafidz Samsudin (Stompin Ground) 1971 – 2022”

Rudra – Vedic Metal Band

“We mourn the loss of the legendary Hafidz from Singapore’s Hardcore/Underground band Stompin Ground. We fondly remember his energy onstage and his awesome vocals! We will miss you brother and we thank you for the inspiration to countless bands including us. Have a great journey brother as we continue to cherish your memories.”

Ahmad – Never Ending Threats [Malaysia]

“Al Fatihah to Hafidz  Vocalist of Stompin’ Ground – Singapore HC Pioneer. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be interested in HC until now. I still remember the time of the gig in Singapore Jalan Stadium Besar, if I’m not mistaken, the first gig I saw them perform with the LCHC bands of the 90s, from there I could get to know them and the LCHC gangs. Many memories can also act on stage with them. May the souls be placed among the believers. Condolences to the family of the deceased & bro Mimik, Syed, Ayong & Imran and LCHC friends. ‘ Together At Last’ 1993 ’”

Suhaimi – Stompin’ Ground/LC39

“One of the pioneers of the skateboarding scene from 83 together with circus of mutants. One of the angriest & most intelligent vocalists with so much stage presence that I’ve ever worked with. He brought us to another level that during that era is unheard of & never seen before. A funny guy & a kind soul that I’m very proud to call my cousin. He was the one who came up with our band’s name. A genius in his own right. It is such a big loss to us & I’m sure the scene too.” is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!