LA DISPUTE Heading to Asia in 2024 [Pulp Summer Slam] – Tease More Dates

If you’re like us, the recently announced full lineup of next year’s PULP SUMMER SLAM festival for sure made your mouth drop.

Now, Pulp Summer Slam is one of SE Asia’s premier metal festival – along with Indonesia’s Hammersonic – and thus the lineup is chalk full of massive metal/metalcore acts. However, if you zoom in there’s DEFINITELY one name on that lineup that might make you scratch your head – La Dispute. While some may be scratching their heads, the rest of us are SUPER stoked to see a band of this legendary status finally make it over to Asia. (It’ll also be super interesting to see how that audience (which can get as big as 38,000 people) reacts to such emotionally heavy music like them. But the band fucking rules so we have NO doubt the crowd will quickly be won over!)

The band were kind enough to tell us, “This is going to be our first ever show in Southeast Asia save for a quick trip to Singapore a few years back. Hard to describe the excitement that comes with finally seeing a goal start materializing, to see a new place coming into view. Been trying to make this happen for a good while now.”

The band also added, which is going to make the rest of y’all crazy excited, “More shows to come, SE Asia friends. Hold tight.” That’s right, the band is working on adding more shows to this trip!

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