Chiang Mai Hardcore Band THE SHREDDER Release New Single – Cover Hometown OG’s [Thailand]

Super rad when bands cover their hometown heroes so that people outside of their scene get to hear about these bands. Chiang Mai based hardcore band THE SHREDDER have just released a new single which is a cover of a local hardcore metal band called OPPORTUNITY. The Shredder’s vocalist stated, “We got the idea from my girlfriend when I was heading back from tour. We were all in the car listening to the band Opportunity. They’re a Chiang Mai hardcore metal band from back in 2007 and she just say way you don’t tribute this song they’re the legends from your hometown. We went back and hit the studio. They’re original sound is metalcore but as kids we used to go to their shows all the time. The track we decided to cover is ‘SES SA WA’ off their full length ‘PHEAW PAD TA PHEE’.

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