Korean Post Hardcore Band Chain Reaction Release Teaser For Debut Album

Chain Reaction, which was formed in March 2015, is a post-hardcore band that presents scream-centered music covering various rock-hardcore sub-genres. Under the theme of loneliness and emptiness that comes from daily life, the band creates its unique identity with dynamic composition and filled arrangement which mixes and twists the traditions and clichés from various genres. With 5-year trial and experience in both Korean and Asian hard-core scene, the band members has balanced and tied each member’s musical carriers, tastes and characteristics, and successfully attained their musical vision – coexistence of the linear intensity and distinctive grooves. Its Korean lyrics, which are delivered with vivid enunciation and clean-tone screaming, are also differentiated from others and strengthen the band’s unique characteristics.

Chain Reaction has hosted a number of national tours and two Japanese tours in 2016 and 2018, and has also participated in several corporate events such as “House of VANS in Seoul.” In addition, it is also attended as a local tour partner of overseas bands when they having in-bound concerts in Korea (Full of Hell, Otus, Hollow Sun, Penny Sise, Obey the Brave, Endzweck, and etc).

The Wishbone Project, a self-established creative group, has been steadily planning various events/concerts that the audience can enjoy together as well as participating in concerts. with various attempts and contents in the future, the group aims to ensure that more audiences can visit the concert hall.

Chain Reaction has released one single and one EP album so far, and is now set to release its first full-length album in five years of the band’s establishment. The full-length album featured a series of songs that led to a single story, unraveling the emotions felt in everyday life. The main theme of the album is the endless desire to restart amid repeated grief and frustration.

As a post-hardcore band that is renowned not only for its live performance but also for its musical achievement by fellow artists at local and abroad, Chain Reaction is planning and forecasting a steady domestic and international tours following the release of its first full-length album.


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